Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Colour Palette

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Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colours provide beautiful and brilliant luminescence for fashion, face painting or stage. Apply pressed colors either dry or wet! For rich, opaque coverage, mix water or Ben Nye's Liquiset into the color with a brush and paint onto clean skin. For a dramatic, airbrushed effect, blend shades while wet. The palette includes a DB-8 brush included. 12-well palette colors: RL-1 Ice, RL-3 Aztec Gold, RL-4 Silver, RL-16 Azalea, RL-12 Cosmic Blue, RL-6 Sun Yellow, RL-2 Iced Gold, RL-7 Tangerine, RL-8 Chartreuse, RL-10 Jade, RL-14 Amethyst, and RL-17 Cosmic Violet.